« L’utopie d’aujourd’hui est la réalité de demain. » Victor Hugo

Animals, Nature, mindfulness, society, people acting positively for the world : do these themes interest you ? If yes, this alternative information site is made for you ! These subjects fascinate me, and I approach them with a new eye, through my readings, my meetings, my interactions with the world. Ready for the domino effect ?

Why another news site ?

We are witnessing a degradation of the social (conflicts within our societies, physical and verbal violence) and environmental fabric (acceleration of the melting ice, disappearance of animal and plant species). The dominant media still have a prominent place. However, they neither often allow critical thinking nor realize the power that citizens have over the world around them.

Today, individuals need to learn differently in order to take part in global environmental and societal challenges, in order to initiate reflections and actions leading to a more ethical world.

This site helps avoiding single thinking. Next to other more specialized sites, I would like to shed new light on these issues.

We need enlightened media. My project aims to highlight positive actions at the social level and to show that environmental issues are of extreme importance for oneself, for those around you and for the world around us.

Why choose the title of The Domino Effect?

This media deals with thougt-provoking substantive topics

Whether we choose to worry about societal issues, environmental issues or food consumption, we undoubtedly end up thinking and acting on other aspects, such as a domino which, when it falls, causes another to fall and even actually drops another …

We can thus evolve to contribute individually to a more ethical world, more respectful of the whole living, since each of the living beings, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, is part of a whole. We are interconnected. The actions of some have consequences and repercussions on those of others. What is happening on the other side of the planet earth has an impact on our lives.


This site is not an injunction to change, to abrupt modifications. The change must be accompanied by a sincere conversion of attitudes and heart. Seeds will be sown, but it will be up to you to decide if you want to water them to grow them.


Pauline Rouillé