Photo de Pauline Rouillé, directrice de publication.

… I am an « Y »

I am an “Y”: this generation born in the 80s, this generation of the “Why” with this desire to understand the world around us, this need to open up to the world that no longer has a border, within a few hours we can be halfway at the other end of the world.

But also this generation who “puts on his headphones” to avoid hearing, to cut oneself off from the violence of the world, who excludes himself in his bubble to preserve himself, to relax.

A good dose of sport

Sport is one of my sources of happiness. I learned to ride my bike almost at the same time as I learned to walk, to swim, and to make roller skating. For 30 years these sports have participated in my balance.

Pauline Rouillé est une véritable Globe-trotteuse : Asie, Amérique, Afrique, Europe...

A Franco-Quebec training course via Africa and Asia

During my studies in Paris in Law, Political and Social Sciences, I had the opportunity to do an internship in project management in environmental management in Senegal. It was a founding international experience. Then I studied Human Resources in Quebec and then I worked for a few years in this country.

I published a first management book on working well-being. And I created a blog about Quebec’s multicultural society.

A career as a consultant

My desire to understand and to transmit led me to work in adult vocational training, as a teacher for adults.

A « Zebra »

But I am a « zebra »: hyper-sensitive, hyperconnected to the vibrations of people, animals, plants and their feelings.

Pauline Rouillé est une zèbre! Comprenez qu'elle est ce qu'on appelle un haut potentiel. Elle fait preuve d'une compréhension aigüe des bouleversements environnementaux et sociétaux.

My ikigaï

After the construction of my Ikigaï and a trip of several months, alone in Asia, the desire to create, to share and to communicate pushed me to create this information website «the Domino Effect».

This site will deal with the following themes: « Animals », «Nature», «Mindfulness», «Society», and eventually a category to highlight the « actions of some citizens acting positively for the world».

This alternative media will aim to sow seeds. It will be up to you to water them if you wish to make them grow positively.

… Audiovisual and Radio

  • 🎧🎙 Host and Designer of the bimonthly program « Flora and Fauna », at La Voix d´Ambroise Paré, radio station of the Boulogne-Billancourt Hospital
  • 🎤📺 Audiovisual journalist training (ACAD ’Paris): TV animation, program design, chronicle creation, game leader, debate and interview moderator.
Pauline Rouillé, créatrice de l'Effet Domino, lors de l'enregistrement de l'émission "60 minutes de Bonheur" de la radio de l'Hôpital Ambroise Paré de Paris. Elle y aborde des sujets sur l'environnement, la nature, les animaux et les enjeux de l'éco-responsabilité.

Other activites :

  • Facilitator in mindfulness meditation
  • Model for ethical brands

Academic training:

  • Master in Law, Political and Social Sciences, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Master in Human Resources, specialty health at work, Université du Québec à Rimouski, CANADA – Research Excellence Award scholarship
  • Copywriter
  • Community Manager

« La vie c’est comme une bicyclette, il faut avancer pour ne pas perdre l’équilibre »