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« Everyone is responsible for all » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
The NIA: the alliance of 9 disciplines and 52 movements

The activity that calms the mind and keeps you physically fit NOW I AM This is a practice that comes to us from the United States, off the California coast, to be exact. Created by Debbie and Carlos Rosas, respectively aerobics and tennis teachers, who imagined a sport without impact for the body (Non Impact […]

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The next world will be without leather!

The end of leather. Long live Pinatex, cork and muskin A large majority of the population wears it with a clear conscience. The animal was killed to be eaten, you might as well use its skin. Recycling is good for the planet. And then, leather is resistant, you can keep your coat or shoes almost […]

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Keys to a successful life !

How to make a success of your life ? The successful marriage between a sport, Karate and a tool, IKIGAI  Oss What if this period of confinement gave you the courage to really do what you dreamed of? Sometimes we dream of having a successful professional life, but we feel that we are trapped by […]

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Festive Vegan Meal

For the first article of the year 2020, I wanted with you a personal moment: the new year’s day meal that we cooked with friends. A 100% vegan meal ! On the menu: As a starter : Beet hummus with grapefruit essential oil Main dish : Lasagna with leeks, curry and limes For dessert : […]

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