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Festive Vegan Meal

Vegan meal, l'effet domino, vegan, repas, The Domino Effect

For the first article of the year 2020, I wanted with you a personal moment: the new year’s day meal that we cooked with friends. A 100% vegan meal !

On the menu:

As a starter : Beet hummus with grapefruit essential oil

Main dish : Lasagna with leeks, curry and limes

For dessert : Gluten-free silky tofu and cocoa tiramisu

I won't tell you more and I let you salivate on this report !

Vegan meal, l'effet domino, vegan, repas, The Domino Effect

If you wish to receive the recipes for free, please leave me a message by contact@leffetdomino.com

/! \ We were 26, so the portions are suitable for about 25 peoples. Therefore you will have to pay attention to the doses.

I wish you a very happy new year 2020 with joy, explorations and a good dose of universal love !

Pauline Rouillé

[Recipe for the dish comes from the site https://www.tastemade.fr/ & the dessert recipe comes from the site https://cuisine.journaldesfemmes.fr/] 

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