The Domino Effect is an independent, positive and inspiring media.

It is a website and a YouTube channel.

It is therefore I, Pauline Rouillé, who chooses the people to be interviewed. I rely to a large extent on my intuition.

However, if you have any suggestions for people to interview or if you think it would be relevant to put me in touch with inspiring people on the themes of animal or environmental protection, mindfulness or ethical society issues, please let me know by filling in the contact form on this site.


The people I have the pleasure of interviewing sign a code of ethics. I do not pay the people I interview and film in any way.

 The images, filmed interviews and voice recordings belong to the media of L’Effet Domino and may not be used for any other purpose.

 These images, interviews and recordings are available on the YouTube channel of L’Effet Domino and on this website:


I earn NOTHING with this media

Preparing interviews and reports, editing (while training myself, since I am self-taught), uploading publications and taking care of promotion on the various social networks, it takes a lot of time.

I do it on my life time.

All work deserves salary.

 And even if I do it out of passion, it’s still work. It’s my social use.

I take issue with the Confucian quote reported by some entrepreneurs: « Choose a job you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life ».

I truly chose to do this work that fascinates and inspires me. But I can tell you that I really feel like I’m working all the time.

Moreover, according to Larousse’s definition, work is « a human activity applied to the production, creation, maintenance of something ». So that’s exactly what I’m doing.


Although I spend a lot of time working on the site, it is not monetized. So I decided to partner with different brands.

Of course, for book purchases, I have a partnership with Amazon. If you think it’s unethical, feel free to buy it from your usual bookstore. 

We are used to free stuff on the internet: free videos and free reading of articles on the net. But you should know that I invest my time and money in the creation and distribution of this media.

I don’t use it to earn a living. Partnerships helps me a little.

So don’t blame me if you see that I’ve done a partnership, especially with Amazon. I consider that I am doing my part and that helps me a little.

Partnerships are a way to devote more time and energy to creating my videos, managing my website and writing articles in French and English.

If you buy a book or any other article on my site, I get a small commission (about 5%). For you, it doesn’t change anything, except that by doing so, you give me a little financial support.

As the blogger, Anaelle Sorignet, says « …most bloggers are not making a fortune on your back, as you might naively believe.

In reality, they just get a little bit of change to compensate for the high number of hours they spend on their blog.

Doing affiliate marketing requires so much extra work that believe me, there’s a long way to go before you get rich.  »

Oh yes, one last thing, all the books or products that I recommend and that can be bought on my site are products that I use myself. I’ve read the books. In fact, I make reading notes from time to time on Instagram @l_effet_domino

I don’t advertise on my site yet. But I am open to the possibility of integrating it, if I consider that the company corresponds to the ethics of the values and lineage of this media The Domino Effect.


If you want to support me: relay my videos on your social networks. Like my videos and comment on them, it encourages me a lot. Moreover, seeing likes and comments encourages others to do so. A virtuous effect, a domino effect ;-).

And putting a comment and a like under the video helps the video to go up in the YouTube ranking (SEO). So rather than sending me a personal message, if you are hesitating, please use the public comment.

I wish you good viewing and good reading.

Pauline Rouillé