In December 2020, I had the joy of being interviewed in Bénédicte’s show « 60 minutes of happiness », for the radio station La Voix d’Ambroise Paré, from the hospital of Boulogne (AP-HP).

The Voice of Ambroise Paré is an internal radio station for patients, healthcare and administrative teams at Ambroise Paré Hospital in Boulogne-Billancourt.

Its mission is to support patients during their period of hospitalization, to break their loneliness, by creating special moments of serenity, distraction and relaxation.

 The Voice of Ambroise Paré is apolitical and non-denominational.

I was interviewed about my academic background, in France and in Quebec, as well as my professional background which also took me to Africa and Asia.

 I was interviewed about the path that led me to create this media and to develop the themes that drive me : the protection of animals, the preservation of the environment, mindfulness and social issues that do good.

Pauline Rouillé