Plankton, oxygen capital

This 2nd video in a series of 3 is dedicated to plankton.

What if plankton would disappear ? This video will explain that microorganisms in the ocean, those that we can’t see, keep our atmosphere in balance. We will also see that no living organism grows infinitely. We will take the example of the tree. Dr Ruiz-Pino will talk to us about the importance of respecting the food chain and she will take the example of the wolf.

The oceanographer, Dr Diana RUIZ-PINO, member of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and research-professor at Sorbonne University, met in one of the laboratories where she does her research, Laboratory of Oceanography and Climate Experimentation and Digital Approach (LOCEAN), will demonstrate the major importance of plankton in the production of our oxygen. ☀💧

In the next video, Dr Diana Ruiz-Pino, will tell us about hydrothermalism. And yes, there is life in the ocean depths, even though there is no light there.


  1. If there is no plankton, there is no oxygen in the air,
  2. Marine ecosystems bring us a lot,
  3. Every living organism is fundamental,
  4. Natural balance of ecosystems,
  5. All animal life depends on plant life

Pauline Rouillé