Life is born in the ocean. How does the ocean regulate the climate?

This 1st video in a series of 3 is dedicated to the oceans and therefore to the major importance of preserving them. The oceanographer, Dr Diana RUIZ-PINO, member of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and research-professor at Sorbonne University, met in one of the laboratories where she does her research, Laboratoire d ‘ Oceanography and Climate Experimentation and Digital Approach (LOCEAN), explains that it is life in the ocean that creates favorable conditions for life on earth. Life was born in the ocean. The ocean plays a major role in climate balances. Dr Diana Ruiz-Pino emphasizes the impact of CO2 on climate change.

The ocean covers almost Ÿ of planet Earth and provides half of our oxygen. ☀💧

In the next video, Dr Diana Ruiz-Pino, will show us the major importance of plankton in the production of our oxygen.


  1. Impacts of increased CO2 on the ocean,
  2. The study of the ocean is less than 100 years old,
  3. The Blue planet,
  4. The oxygen minimum zones,
  5. Solution ? 
 more life in the ocean,
  6. The basis of the food chain : nutriments,
  7. Warmer ocean = poorer ocean,
  8. Solution : low carbon economy,
  9. And sea currents ?,
  10. Fundamental research

Pauline Rouillé